Dr. Laura Briegel-Williams

Laura Williams

Post Doc


Room: 13/213
Phone: 0631 - 205 4402
Plant Ecology & Systematics
Faculty of Biology
University of Kaiserslautern
PO-BOX 3049
67653 Kaiserslautern

Research interests

Habitat and dispersal constraints on the distribution of Lichen epiphytes- can lichen species utilise regenerating woodlands as well as ancient woodlands. The biodiversity and conservation value of new growth woodland in respect to lichens. 

The SCIN Project (Soil Crust International) aims to assess the roles and functioning of Biological Soil Crusts (BSC’s) throughout Europe, in collaboration with a number of universities and institutions. Research areas within the SCIN project include:

Adaption and acclimation of BSC lichens- specificity of mycobiont partners to photobionts, photobiont switching related to environmental variables, morphological and physiological traits related to environmental variables, the developmental flexibility of species.

Recovery of BSC’s after disturbance.

BSC lichens taxonomy, systematics and biogeography.  

Presentations at Meetings

Williams L., Büdel B. 2013 Photobiont diversity of key lichen species of the SCIN-Project and lichen acclimation to changing environments through photobiont switching.Talk. Second international Soil Crust Workshop. Madrid Spain