Dr. Alexandra Fischer-Pardow

Dr. Alexandra Fischer-Pardow



Room: 13/270
Phone: 0631 - 205 2148
Plant Ecology & Systematics
Faculty of Biology
University of Kaiserslautern
PO-BOX 3049
67653 Kaiserslautern

Research interests

Frullania nodulosa in tropical canopy

Functional ecology, ecophysiology, cryptogams, biodiversity, global change

Bryophytes may be often overlooked due to their small size; however, they provide important functions in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Bryophytes can play an important role in nutrient cycling, they provide microhabitats and resources for many other organisms and they gain a growing interest as sensitive indicators for a range of environmental factors such as e.g. habitat quality, pollution or climate change. Special interest of my research is directed to the role and functioning of bryophytes at the vegetation-atmosphere interface of forests: the forest canopy. My research spans both temperate and tropical forests and addresses questions such as the role of bryophytes for biodiversity, the fate of diversity under global change, and the potential of bryophytes as environmental indicators.



PARDOW, A., and M. LAKATOS. 2013. Desiccation tolerance and global change: implications for tropical bryophytes in lowland forests. Biotropica  45: 27-36

PARDOW, A., C. GEHRIG-DOWNIE, S. R. GRADSTEIN, and M. LAKATOS. 2012. Functional diversity of epiphytes in two tropical lowland rainforests, French Guiana: Using bryophyte life-forms to detect areas of high biodiversity. Biodiversity & Conservation 21: 3637-3655.

PARDOW, A., B. HARTARD, and M. LAKATOS. 2010. Morphological, photosynthetic and water relations traits underpin the contrasting success of two tropical lichen groups at the interior and edge of forest fragments. AoB Plants plq004: doi:10.1093/aobpla/plq1004.