Monats-Archive: Juni 2013

Run&Dine am 27.06.2013

Application-deadline: Friday 21th of June

On 27th of June we are going to organize for you the so called “Run&Dine” – which is a three-course-dinner taking place all over Kaiserslautern during a whole evening. You can either register on your own and we will match you with a… Weiterlesen

Summer semester program 2013

03.06.2013 18:00 Meeting with BBQ 07.06.2013 19:00 Rhein-Neckar Stammtisch (Meeting of Antennae members from Rhein-Neckar Area) Mannheim 12.06.2013 18:00 Bowling Central 15.06.2013 11:30 Uhr Bike Tour Speyer 17.06.2013 18:00 Meeting 24.06.2013 18:00 Meeting 25.-30.06.2013 Event „Alcoholism in Europe“ 08.07.2013 20:00 BBQ for helpers 15.07.2013 19:00 Lasertec (Semesterabschluss)

Would you like… Weiterlesen

Event Alcoholism in Europe 25.-30.06.2013

Alcoholism means compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages, usually to the detriment of the drinker’s health, personal relationships, and social standing.“ Would you like to learn more about the impact alcoholism has on the life of young Europeans? During the event, you will learn about the physiological and psychological… Weiterlesen