Next Run&Dine 23.04.2014

 At 23th of April 2014 we are going to organize for you the so called “Run&Dine” , which is a three-course-dinner taking place all over Kaiserslautern during a whole evening.

You can either register on your own and we will match you with a cooking partner or you can state a person with whom you want to be in a team with (this person has to register as well).

And this is how it works (let’s imagine your cooking-team has been chosen for preparing a starter):

- 6pm: two more teams have come to the place where you have cooked and enjoy what you have prepared as a starter.
- 7:30pm: the other teams have left your place and you have also made your way to a new destination. There you find two new teams out of which one has prepared a tasty main-dish for you and the other guests.
- 9:30pm: the three groups from the main-dish have split up again and have gone to their desserts. You eat at a new location, again there is amazing food and open-minded new people.
- 10:30pm: come together of all participants

If you register alone (which is more fun anyway) you just state if you have a kitchen or not and will be matched to a partner.

We chose “Spring Break” as the theme this time (look at the date). Let yourself be inspired and have fun!

We hope you like this idea as much as we do and we’ll start on 23th of April at 18:00 o´clock with Run&Dine.

Please register here:

Deadline for registration is the 19th of April 2014 at 23:59 o´clock.

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