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Welcome to TU Kaiserslautern

Dear Master and PhD students,

a warm welcome to Kaiserslautern, a small town surrounded by woods. Sounds somehow dull? Never underestimate this location: Welcome to this technology hot-spot right in the middle of Europe! The core of this hot-spot is the university you join. You are already convinced that our master and PhD programs are forward-looking. This is your reason to begin a new phase of life with us. Congratulation! You are part of a university that is flanked by a variety of research institutions. Strong co-operations between university, research institutions and industry provide a wide range of options and challenges. We don’t stop to increase your expertise in the program you are enrolled. Furthermore, the ISGS will support you to enlarge your generic and transferable skills. With the essential skills you gained, you develop a self-conception based on responsibility and equality. The philosophy of our university is meeting all members on eye-level. Be encouraged to meet your professors and get in deeper contact with them. Their doors are wide open for your requests. You are invited to start discussions with your professors and your colleagues, go for your ideas. These insights will strengthen your personality. This will make you attractive for employers – in industry as well as in science.

Beside all our offers for an excellent education – don’t forget to live! Our campus belongs to the most attractive ones in Germany. Altogether, we enjoy a very peaceful, quiet, and healthy environment, which provides a good platform to jump into life. You are curious about a new culture, dive into it. Find out what is special or unexpected about Germany and its inhabitants. Go out and find good friends, travel around, visit other European countries – you will find history at every turn, under every rock.  Make experiences on your own that are helpful in your daily life. Enrich our university with your culture and your knowledge. Become part of the ISGS-family, get in touch with your colleagues and build your own network. The ISGS will do its very best to support you and make your stay at Kaiserslautern a pleasant one.

Your Prof. Dr. Norbert Wehn

Vice President for Student, Academic and International Affairs