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General information for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad offers a high "return on investment" and this applies not only to your future career perspectives. Studying abroad lets you experience other life styles and gives you an opportunity to view your own country from a different perspective. You will bring home a wealth of experience - both academic and personal. 


Benefits of studying abroad:

  • Foreign language skillls
  • Understanding of different cultures & work ethics
  • Self confidence & independence
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to deal with criticism of own country and culture
  • Tolerance
  • General education & expert knowledge
  • Improved organizational & cooperative abilities

Step 1: Decide where you want to go?

  • Europe
  • Beyond Europe

Step 2: Keep in mind the early application deadlines!

  • The ideal time for a semester abroad is during your advanced or main course of study
  • Begin your planning already during your foundation or basic courses
  • keep in mind the early application deadlines (often 1 year or longer in advance of the start of your studies!)
  • Be careful to allow yourself enough time for all the preparations: Experience shows that, in general, at least one year is required

Step 3: Thourough planning of the following aspects:

  • When and for how long do you want to stay abroad?
  • Are your language skills adequate?
  • Do you prefer to go individually, as a so called "free mover" or
  • Participate in an exchange programme sponsored by TU Kaiserslautern?

Step 4: Check out our information materials!