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From basic research to marketable products

Complex scientific and technological problems, as a rule, demand more than one discipline for their solution. Furthermore, the cycles of innovation are constantly accelerating. These are the reasons why complicated research projects are more often implemented in research associations or so-called "Clusters." The cooperation partners from science and industry network their individual competencies.

An important task for the Science Alliance consists of developing the potential of interdisciplinary research and in making it useful in practice. As successfully illustrated by the Fraunhofer-Innovation Cluster "Digital Commercial Vehicle Technology," industrial venture partners should be offered a multi-disciplinary research environment to work on the solutions to their problems. These innovative solutions encompass the latest scientific insights and technologies and enable product and process development from basic research to market launch.

The Science Alliance benefits not only our cooperation partners around the world, but also students and Ph. D. candidates, who can concentrate early in their careers on international teams to solve complex cross departmental problems at the individual institutes.