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Waiting list

Applicants may be placed on the so called Waiting list , which is not primarily governed by the grade point average, but rather by the year you achieved your university entrance qualification (e.g., Abitur).

Example: The applicant who earned an Abitur in 2003 has priority placement over someone who graduated in 2004. If there are 40 study places to be awarded on the basis of waiting time, all applicants with a ranking below 40 will receive an acceptance and all applicants above number 41 must expect a rejection.

In the case of two applicants with the same waiting time, the following criteria (listed in priority order) are used to determine the rankings:

  • Level of qualification (e.g., GPA on Abitur)
  • Service completed
  • Lottery

Second degree applicants do not participate in the selection process based on waiting time. They are selected under the framework of special quotas.

Calculating the waiting period

The decisive waiting time for an applicant is initially defined by the number of half years that have passed completely from the time of attaining the university entrance qualification (e.g., Abitur) to the start of the semester for which the application for admission is being submitted. The dates used in this calculation for the start of the half years and semesters are April 1st and October 1st.

Any half years for which the applicant was registered as a student at an institute of higher learning (technical university, comprehensive university, teacher training college, university of applied sciences within the scope of the state law on higher education) are subtracted from the total number of half years. This does not apply for the time enrolled in a study programme before April 1, 1991 at an institute of higher education in the former GDR.

Request for compensation for disadvantage

An applicant may file a request for compensation for a disadvantage such as an illness that delayed taking the exams for the Abitur and now results in having less recognized waiting time. This request can result in having the time lost due to the disability added to the waiting time. When such circumstances and their effect are verified, an earlier time is entered as the date of qualification to study at a university and used when the selection for admission is based on waiting time. 

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