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Special admission quotas

Some of the study places available for each programme are already offered prior to beginning the allocation process to certain categories of applicants within a framework of advanced allocation quotas:

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Rules for hardship cases

The hardship application is a specially prepared application to request a waiver from the general selection criteria. This type of application can only result in a letter of acceptance if conclusive evidence is presented that proves non-admission to the desired programme (primary application) would mean a direct, extraordinary, and, especially, social hardship for the applicant.

Not every impairment, although it may seem a hardship, justifies an acceptance as a hardship case. It is much more important to show that the health, social, or family situation of the person filing the application is so serious, even when imposing the strictest of measures, that to wait even one semester for admission would be untenable.

A positive decision regarding an application on the basis of hardship is of far reaching significance in that it results in the need to deny admission to another applicant under the general selection criteria. This fact implies the need for a very critical examination of the reasons and evidence presented. Approval based on the application for admission under extraordinary hardship is granted only in a few rare cases.

The selection of individual applicants is determined according to the degree of extraordinary hardship for the respective applicant, and taking the stated degree programme into consideration.

The special hardship application is valid only for the first choice of degree program (primary application). The special hardship application must accompany the application for enrollment and be received by the university prior to the application deadline (July 15 for the WS and January 15 for the SS).

Following applicants may file a hardship case:

  • German citizens
  • German educational certificates (e.g., abitur)
  • EU member state citizens

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Applying for a second undergrad degree

Second degree applicants have already completed an undergrad degree in some other course of study at a university within the scope of the state law on higher education (first degree). Second degree applicants are only admitted under the terms of the special quota of 3 percent of the available study places. The ranking of applicants is determined by measurement index that is formed by combining the graduation exam results from the first degree and the importance of the reason for a second degree. These reasons with the appropriate supporting evidence may be submitted with the application for admission.

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