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Ombudsmen Council "Good Scientific Practice"

The ombudsmen council “good scientific practice” has been established by the Senate of TU Kauserslautern as an independent body.

It is directly available to all scientists of TU Kaiserslautern for advice and support in questions of good scientific practice and violations therof by scientific dishonesty.

The Ombudsmen Council advises and mediates on the basis of requests. Its tasks, however, do not include establishing that there has been scientific misconduct and imposing sanctions accordingly. Rather, it refers cases of justified initial suspicion to the “Good Scientific Practice” commission of TU Kaiserslautern.

Each academic associate (employee) at the University of Kaiserslautern has a right to speak with a member of the Ombudsmen Council on short notice. A definition of scientific misconduct and the subsequent proceedings can be found in the “Rules of Procedure for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice at TU Kaiserslautern”.