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Kalender International

ISGS students can discover highlights of Munich and its surroundings... [mehr]
ISGS students are invited to visit Germany's fascinating capital.... [mehr]
When: 09:30- 17:00 | Where: Bld. 39 (ISGS Center/Meeting Place) [mehr]
When: 10:30am - 06:00pm | Where: Bld. 39 (ISGS Meeting Place) [mehr]
When: 10:00 am | Where: RHRK (Bld.34) [mehr]
When: 01:45 pm | Where: tba [mehr]
When: 10:00 am | Where: tba   [mehr]
When: 01:45 pm | Where: tba [mehr]
Improve your intercultural communication skills for studies & work life! [mehr]
When: 10:00 am | Where: Bld.32 (Library) [mehr]
When: 01:30 pm | Where: tba [mehr]
When: 10:00 am | Where: Bld. 48 (AStA) [mehr]