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What Can We Do for You?

Enhancing quality, competitiveness, and attractiveness of graduate education and doctoral training, the International School for Graduate Studies (ISGS) fosters the university's excellence in research-based and application-oriented programs as well as doctoral research training. Besides academic support and social services, ISGS offers professional training for PhD students and postgraduates as well as qualified career counseling during every phase of study at the university.

We Establish Contacts - Personally!

"The importance of the integrative aspects of the support becomes obvious in the conception of the "ISGS-Family." Thus, the aspect of pure services is deemphasized whereas the sensation of "feeling at home" and "not getting lost" plays the major role within the ISGS Team's efforts."
Prognos-Evaluation of the Scholarship and guidance- counseling programs for foreign doctoral students and Post-Docs of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (2010)

"I am familiar with ISGS since a few years already and I have attended several activities that were organized by them. I don't know how it works with ISGS, but they always offer exactly that kind of assistance and service for students that the students need at the moment. In particular, ISGS cares really a lot about international students. Beginning from applications to the studying programs at the university and until the graduation from the university, ISGS people are at all times glad to help students."
Evgeny Pavlenko, Phd-candidate Electrical & Computer Engineering

"The ISGS was always there with their friendly support. It became clear to me that beyond their professionalism, they really love what they do."
Dr.-Eng. Fábio José Pinheiro Sousa, Assistant Professor