Electrical Automation on Offshore O&G Platforms – The challenges that we face

Dear friends of the ETK,

once more we are excited to invide you to the next presentation.

The speaker M. Sc. Alexandre Venito worked for 12 years for the PETROBRAS S.A. Company as electrical engineer, and will talk about the electrical automation on Oil and Gas Platforms.

When: 13th of June 2018 – 17.30
Where: Nachbrenner

Kindly, he sent us a short abstract:

The amount of electrical power required in recent oil and gas offshore platforms has been drastically increasing in the last years.
This increase directly impacts on the electrical plant projects, for instance, by increasing the short-circuit current limits and reducing the response time of the protection systems.
Further, the electrical systems should be more integrated while not increasing the maintenance complexity.
This presentation gives an overview of the new electrical/automation plant projects and addresses some of the above-mentioned issues.