Year: 2020

Presentation of VDE Young Net

Dear friends and interested people!

VDE Young Net has its own series of presentations with many exciting topics about Electrical Engineering, as well about education as about carrer entry.

Next presentation will take place online on 29th of October at 6pm and is called
Der Dr.-Ing. – ist das mein Ding?

It is about the topic of PhD and is held in German. We don’t want to reveal to much at this point so visit the event site at Young Net and join the presentation. A registration of yours is not necessary!

Young Net and the presenter will be pleased to have you there!

We got a tree!

Dear members, friends and interested folks,

in cooperation with “CampusPlus” we donated a tree for the campus of TUK, too. It was planted today with 30 other plants!

We are pleased to be involved a little in life on campus, despite Covid-19. We hope our tree grows fast that we can harvest the fruits of our collaboration soon.

Euer ETK


The power grid is collapsing.
Industry, public authority, public life are paralyzed.
People are taken back to 19th century and try to survive.
Fear, chaos and violence are spreading.

A scenario to be read in books. But fiction can come true.
If a blackout really happend, the power grid has to be restored as fast as possible. This is the topic of our first exciting presentation this year:
System safety and reconstruction of a power grid – Operator Support Tools for reconstruction after a blackout in Germany.

The presentation is held by Prof. Wellßow and some of his staff members. In the beginning we will be introduced into the topic and then a simulation of reconstruction will be performed.

The event has to be relocated due to illness. The presentation will take place next thursday: 

When: 13th February 2020 at 5pm
Where: laboratory of power engineering in building 24

A really interesting and exciting topic

New board members

Dear members of VDE, members of Young Net in particular,

in our general meeting yesterday, Jan 22, two new board members were elected and three members re-elected.
We thank our former second representative, Lukas Krupp, and Lucas Deutschmann as our former secretary for their extraordinary engagement as board members and wish the best for their further career path.

Now we welcome Lara Bornheimer as recent second representative and Benedikt Veith as recent secretary and believe in their skills for their tasks.

We also thank the participants of our meeting yesterday.

Your ETK