The power grid is collapsing.
Industry, public authority, public life are paralyzed.
People are taken back to 19th century and try to survive.
Fear, chaos and violence are spreading.

A scenario to be read in books. But fiction can come true.
If a blackout really happend, the power grid has to be restored as fast as possible. This is the topic of our first exciting presentation this year:
System safety and reconstruction of a power grid – Operator Support Tools for reconstruction after a blackout in Germany.

The presentation is held by Prof. Wellßow and some of his staff members. In the beginning we will be introduced into the topic and then a simulation of reconstruction will be performed.

The event has to be relocated due to illness. The presentation will take place next thursday: 

When: 13th February 2020 at 5pm
Where: laboratory of power engineering in building 24

A really interesting and exciting topic