About us

ETK – Elektrotechnischer Kreis Kaiserslautern
Student group of VDE independently managed by students.

What do we do as ETK?
We mainly organize seminars and excursions to companies, so students can get impressions of potential employers.
We also organize excursions to exhibitions and congresses. For offering this we are supported by the technology association (VDE) financially and by active networking.
In our ETK presentation series the different chairs of the faculty EIT introduce themselves with their current research work.
Furhermore we help you with all questions about your studies. We’re students in different semesters, so don’t hesitate asking us. We can give you advice about specialisation and order of study.Thanks to Tobi

The student group introduces itself :
Members of ETK

Are you interested in getting active in our student group?
You want to get involved and help us organizing numerous activities?
To be able offering an interesting and versatile program the following terms, we need help, too! Students who want to take some time beside their studies for getting involved as active members are always welcome!

Don’t hesitate writing us an e-mail (etk@vde-youngnet.de) or talk to us at our place. We’re a very active student group and getting involved is worth it.

Why a membership is worth it?
Already during your studying you develope a wide network you can use in future. Beside these contacts you collect valuable experience in organizing projects and teamwork.
Your commitment will be honored by a lot of fun, of course. Every term, there’s a meeting of all VDE students groups in different german cities. Beside cheerful getting-together you have the possibility to produce new ideas for bringing VDE forward.

Furthermore we offer to you:

  • New or first contact to fellow students, ideas and much fun, of course
  • Support for learning
  • A study room with drinks and a kitchenette
  • Participation in excursions of ETK and VDE for free
  • Participation in presentations of VDE for free
  • Participation in seminars of VDE for free – you can the program at our place
  • VDE VISA card for free
  • The journal “Wirtschaftswoche” for free for 1 year
  • Access to standards and rules
  • Affordable access to VDE congresses

You want to get information about our events?
Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our calender.

Still got any questions?
About studying, VDE or ETK? You’re always welcome.
Drop in at our place or write us an e-mail.

You will find much more information about VDE on the official homepage: www.vde.com.

We wish you much success for your studies and would be pleased to see you on our events or even as active member.

Your ETK