Prof. Dr. Burkhard Büdel

Former Head of department



Research interests

Phylogeny, taxonomy, and diversity of terrestrial cyanobacteria and cyanobacterial lichens

  • the unicellular genus Chroococcidiopsis, species and phylogenetic position
  • diversity of terrestrial rock and soil inhabiting cyanobacteria in general
  • diversity of cyanobacterial photobionts of lichens
  • cyanolichens of the families Lichinaceae and Peltulaceae

Ecology and eco-physiology of biological soil and rock crusts

  • crust types and species composition
  • global distribution patterns
  • local and global CO2 balances of biological rock and soil crusts
  • role of crusts in their referring ecosystems

Eco-physiology of rock, soil, and tree inhabiting lichens and bryophytes

  • growth form and related photosynthetic CO2-patterns
  • contribution to local and global CO2balances