Forschungsschwerpunkt BioComp

BioComp-Projekt #2

Spatial-temporal dynamics of cellular proton buffering in Xenopus


Joachim Deitmer - Patrick Lang/ Jan Hauth

 Changes in cytosolic pH (H+) affect multiple cellular processes, including gene expression, metabolic activity, cellular signalling, cell proliferation and tumor growth. Up to now, little is known about the role of dynamic changes and cellular distribution of proton buffering. By imaging intracellular H+ with dyes or microelectrodes in Xenopus oocytes, in which transport proteins and enzymes will be heterologously expressed, we aim to evaluate the dynamics and local changes of proton buffer capacity, which determine the extent of H+ transients in cells, and we will try to model spatio-temporal proton buffering using mathematical approaches. The results are important for gaining insight into the regulation of H+-dependent cellular processes and into H+-mediated cellular dysfunctions related to diseases.


Key words of project:

H+ imaging, 2D- / 3D-modelling of changes in H+ buffering and H+ re-distribution after acid/alkaline challenge



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