Forschungsschwerpunkt BioComp

BioComp-Projekt #5

Dynamic redox proteome analysis of mitochondria


Jan Riemer - Michael Schroda - Timo Mühlhaus

Mitochondria are essential for energy production, metabolism and signal transduction. We focus on different aspects of mitochondrial protein homeostasis and regulation and thereby specifically concentrate on the consequences of disulfide bond formation and reduction. This reversible posttranslational protein modification is often used during the adaptation of cellular functions to oxidative stress.

Together with the groups of Michael Schroda and Timo Mühlhaus we aim to understand the composition and dynamics of the mitochondrial redox proteome (regulatory and structural disulfides). Moreover, we are interested in identifying and characterizing the determinants of these dynamics, and we will also investigate the physiological effects of changes in the mitochondrial redox proteome. Our vision is to establish a network of mitochondrial redox processes and to understand their interdependence.

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