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Projekt #1

Activation of autophagy in response to dynamic proteome changes due to aneuploidy

Zuzana Storchová - Markus Räschle - Timo Mühlhaus - JanHauth/ Andreas Wirsen   

Projekt #2

Role of CaV1.3 in generation and development of complex neuronal activity in the mouse auditory cortex

Jan Hirtz - Timo Mühlhaus - Christoph Garth

Projekt #3

Identification of membrane-based mechanisms of learning and memory using functional imaging in Drosphila

Jan Pielage - Christina Surulescu - Timo Mühlhaus

Projekt #4

Dynamic changes in mitochondrial membrane protein composition and proteome redox changes during the yeast metabolic cycle

Bruce Morgan - Frederik Sommer/ Michael Schroda - Timo Mühlhaus

Projekt #5

Dynamics and composition of the chloroplast translation apparatus on thylakoid membranes in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Felix Willmund - Frederik Sommer/Michael Schroda - Timo Mühlhaus

Projekt #6

Turnover of RNA and protein in plant vacuoles and related transport processes

Torsten Möhlmann - Timo Mühlhaus - Frederik Sommer/Michael Schroda - Jan Hauth/Andreas Wirsen

Projekt #7

Soluble Membrane-Protein Libraries in Native Nanodiscs

Sandro Keller - Christoph Garth - Timo Mühlhaus - Frederik Sommer/Michael Schroda - Johannes Herrmann - Ekkehard Neuhaus

Projekt #8

Dynamics of the Botrytis secretome

Matthias Hahn - Frederik Sommer/Michael Schroda - Timo Mühlhaus - Christoph Garth

Projekt #9

A refined quantitative model of APP processing

Stefan Kins - Christoph Garth - Sandro Keller - Jan Hauth/Andreas Wirsen

Projekt #10

Dynamic changes in the proteome/lipidome in subcellular membranes from Camelina sativa

Ekkehard Neuhaus - Frederik Sommer/Michael Schroda - Timo Mühlhaus

Projekt #11

How to use isotope labeling and mass spectrometry to analyze the dynamic assembly of mitochondrial protein complexes

Johannes Herrmann - Frederik Sommer/Michael Schroda - Christoph Garth - Timo Mühlhaus - Bruce Morgan - Markus Räschle/Zuzana Storchová - Ralf Korn

Projekt #12

Analysis of factors involved in PSII biogenesis and repair using proteomics and lipidomics

Michael Schroda - Frederik Sommer - Timo Mühlhaus - Sandro Keller

Projekt #13

Modelling and Assessment of spectroscopic data by Bayesian estimation methods

Rolf Diller- Jan Hauth - Andreas Wirsen - Sandro Keller

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Principal Investigator

Projekt Q1

Timo Mühlhaus

Projekt Q2

Christoph Garth

Projekt Q3

Christina Surulescu

Projekt Q4

Jan Hauth

Projekt Q5

Ping Zhang

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Principal Investigator

Projekt Z1

Timo Mühlhaus - Christoph Garth

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