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Projekt #1

Activation of autophagy in response to cellular stress triggered by aneuploidy

Zuzana Storchová - Torsten Möhlmann - Markus Räschle - Timo Mühlhaus   

Projekt #2

Inferring neuronal activity from Ca2+ imaging data in a mouse model for autism

Jan Hirtz - Timo Mühlhaus - Ping Zhang

Projekt #3

Investigating the relation of mitochondrial protein import stress and neurodegenerative disease

Jan Pielage - Johannes Herrmann- Zuzana Storchová - Michael Schroda - Timo Mühlhaus

Projekt #4

The role of the vacuole for the hypersensitive response within plant defense

David Scheuring - Torsten Möhlmann - Frederik Sommer/ Michael Schroda - Zuzana Storchová - Timo Mühlhaus

Projekt #5

Dynamics of plastidic translation during synthesis of thylakoid membrane proteins

Felix Willmund - Timo Mühlhaus - Torsten Möhlmann - Zuzana Storchová - Frederik Sommer/Michael Schroda - Johannes Herrmann

Projekt #6

Degradation of RNA species and proteins by autophagy related pathways

Torsten Möhlmann - David Scheuring - Zuzana Storchová/ Markus Räschle - Timo Mühlhaus - Frederik Sommer/Michael Schroda - Ekkehard Neuhaus - Felix Willmund

Projekt #7

Importance of essential endocytic proteins for neuronal pathways

Tanja Maritzen - Timo Mühlhaus - Zuzana Storchová/Markus Räschle - Frederik Sommer/Michael Schroda

Projekt #8

Interaction of the phytotoxic secretome of Botrytis cinerea with plant host membranes

Matthias Hahn - David Scheuring - Frederik Sommer/Michael Schroda - Timo Mühlhaus - Zuzana Storchová

Projekt #9

Use of amphiphilic copolymers for the investigation of the Amyloid precursor protein (APP) lipid environment and its impact on APP pathophysiology

Stefan Kins - Zuzana Storchová/Markus Räschle - Timo Mühlhaus

Projekt #10

Function of the uncharacterized ERD-like sugar transporters from Arabidopsis

Ekkehard Neuhaus - David Scheuring - Frederik Sommer/Michael Schroda - Timo Mühlhaus

Projekt #11

Systematic analysis of cellular stress response networks to counteract mitochondrial protein import failure

Johannes Herrmann - Zuzana Storchová - Markus Räschle - Jan Pielage

Projekt #12

Analysis of factors involved in PSII biogenesis and repair using proteomics and lipidomics

Michael Schroda - Simone Eggert - Stefan Kins - Frederik Sommer - Timo Mühlhaus

Projekt #13

Alzheimer plaques: impact of membrane physical properties on beta-amyloid generation

Rolf Diller- Stefan Kins

Projekt #14

Complexome profiling of the APP gene family members in mouse brain and proximity dependent biotinylation to identify a ligand of dimerized APP and signaling partners

Simone Eggert- Michael Schroda/Frederik Sommer - Timo Mühlhaus

Projekt #15

Risk/benefit-Untersuchungen von Lebensmittelinhaltsstoffen im Menschen

Elke Richling - Frederik Sommer/Michael Schroda - Timo Mühlhaus - Johannes Herrmann - Nicole Frankenberg-Dinkel

Projekt #16


Impact of the phosphodiesterase NbdA on membrane protein dynamics responsible for mechanosensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Nicole Frankenberg-Dinkel - Michael Schroda - Timo Mühlhaus - Markus Räschle - Elke Richling - Zuzana Storchová

Projekt #17

Forced contact: physiological effects of synthetic membrane tethering in plants

Stefanie Müller-Schüssele - David Scheuring - Nicole Frankenberg-Dinkel - Michael Schroda - Timo Mühlhaus - Simone Eggert - Ping Zhang

Theoretische Projekte


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Projekt Z

Integrative software infrastructure using BioFSharp

Christoph Garth - Ping ZhangTimo Mühlhaus

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