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Projekt #1 Quantitative and comparative mass spectrometric analysis of high-frequency versus low-frequency areas in the auditory brainstem by means of SILAM
Projekt #2 Spatio-temporal dynamics of cellular proton buffering in Xenopus 
Projekt #3 Nucleoside and RNA metabolism in plant vacuoles
Projekt #4 Proteomic profiling of mitochondrial protein networks
Projekt #5 Dynamic redox proteome analysis of mitochondria
Projekt #6 High-throughput data processing for ocean plankton diversity mapping and modeling in the age of climate change 
Projekt #7 Modifying sugar content in plant vacuoles
Projekt #8 Cellular acclimation dynamics of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii in response to environmental changes
Projekt #9 A new method combining quantitative mass spectrometry and Bayesian inference for the analysis of protein-protein-interactions
Projekt #10 Visualization and refinement of quantitative modelling of APP processing
Projekt #11 Transport Phenomena in Biofilms 
Projekt #12 High-throughput quantification of protein conformation by automated circular dichroism spectroscopy
Projekt #13 Functional Dynamics in Photobiological Systems
Projekt #14 Modelling of pH regulation in tumor cells & surrounding tissue. Influence on cancer cell migration
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