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Workshop “Reading in the Forest”

This workshop, held from October 26-28th, 2015, represents one of the initial events of the Center for Cognitive Science and brings together an exclusive international group of experts on written language acquisition and dyslexia. During the first days we will discuss cognitive, perceptual, and biological bases of reading, and then focus on dyslexia during the second half of the workshop. Visual theories of reading and dyslexia have gained growing influence over the last years. We therefore aim to integrate established hypotheses with new approaches and to discuss relations between visual and phonological aspects of reading from a cognitive science perspective.

The meeting will take place in the Villa Kurhaus Trifels of Annweiler, located about 40 km south of Kaiserslautern and 75 km east of Heidelberg, in the “Pfaelzerwald” (Palatine Forest), one of the biggest natural forest parks in Europe.

Admissions are open, we welcome guests and contributions. Please see the workshop webpage or contact Wibke Hachmann for further information.