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The Graduate School Commercial Vehicle Technology fosters the R&D co-operation within the University of Kaiserslautern in the field of commercial vehicle technology by a new educational concept.

The Graduate School is striving to achieve excellence in CVT by qualifying MSc and doctoral students in close co-operation with industry. Education and research on CVT topics will integrate all important fields within the product lifecycle of commercial vehicles. The established MSc programme CVT is international, bilingual (English, German) as well as interdisciplinary and is organized and performed by the Graduate School CVT.

The program specific learning objectives of the Master programme Commercial Vehicle Technology are as follows:

The Master graduate in Commercial Vehicle Technology has a sufficient amount of knowledge in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, in order to process interdisciplinary tasks within the scope of Commercial Vehicle Technology even those which are difficult for interdisciplinary teams where each member specializes in a single engineering discipline. Moreover, it can close the communication gaps that exist in typical interdisciplinary teams of the abovementioned type.

The Master graduate has learned while studying to think in three engineering disciplines simultaneously. He achieved a high autonomy in innovative, scientific and engineering approach in development and design.

Graduates in CVT with the ability of interdisciplinary thinking have a high degree of interdisciplinary problem-solving skills, giving them in their future professional activity an excellent starting position - in particular in cooperation with non-specialists.

More details about the Master´s Program please see here.




The modulhandbuch has been updated (May 2017) and it can be found at Curriculum & Downloads or here. [more]
The registration document for written exams has been updated (April 2017). It can be found at Curriculum & Downloads or here. [more]


Curriculum, timetable, exmaination regulations in german and english and the learning-objektive-module-matrix has been updated!  http://www.uni-kl.de... [more]


Curriculum, timetable and the description of the single modules has been updated!   [more]
The curriculum and the modulhandbuch has been updated (April 2015) [more]
The Curriculum and the timetable of the CVT-course has been updated (November 2014). Look here [more]