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Graduates of the CVT-Master program should be able to work on the increasingly interdisciplinary areas of application in the Commercial Vehicle sector. They will be provided with basic knowledge in each of the three engineering disciplines combined with special CVT-knowledge either in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Computer Science. The technical component of the Master’s course will be complemented by cross-disciplinary and soft skills courses.

The program implies:

The curriculum can be found here (last updated 16. April 2018)

The current timetable can be found here (last updated 21. October 2017)

Module Handbook (Modulhandbuch): The description of the single modules can be viewed here (last updated 16. April 2018)

The examination regulations (Prüfungsordnung) can be found here: (updated 23. October 2017)

Version 2017 English (under construction)

Version 2017 German


There is a learning-objektive-module-matrix for assigning detailed program-specific learning objectives to individual modules.
German version (updated 21. October 2016)
English version (updated 21. October 2016)

An overview on the institutes offering lectures and/or research projects can be found here.

A Registration document for oral exams can be found here. (updated 21. October 2016)

A Registration document for written exams can be found here. (updated 09. April 2017)

An overview of the modules from KIS-Office can be found here (updated 26. October 2017)