Germany Scholarships

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TU Kaiserslautern assists students through “Deutschland Stipendium”, the Germany Scholarship organised by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.Our best students are not only strong performers, they are also creative and socially committed people.

We highly recommend that the applicants and scholarship donors already become acquainted during the selection process.

The TU awarded 137 Germany Scholarships for 2016. Half of these funds are contributed by the German federation and the other half by private donors. Since the proportion of students receiving a Germany Scholarship is to be increased to 8% over the long term, we are trying to increase the number of scholarships year by year.

A Germany Scholarship provides the student with € 300 per month and is awarded for at least two semesters.

The next semester for which applications can be submitted is SS 2017. The new deadline for submitting applications is June 1th until July 10th 2017.

We hereby thank our donors

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