Examination Affairs

Subdivision 4.2 (Office of Examination Affairs) supports the departmental examination boards in the organization of the examination process in all degree programmes (Diplom, Bachelor, Master). The division's scope of duties includes:

  • Organization of the complete registration and admissions process to exams for students undergoing the examination process
  • Counseling and support as well as the initialization of the accreditation process for those internally and externally changing majors
  • Advising members of the departmental examination boards and faculty councils as well as the examiners and observers
  • The execution of the decisions made by the examination audit committee

The staff prepares all required transcript records, certificates, and credentials for the students as well as the related statistical reports for the exams. They organize and monitor the registration process for the examinations and the specified deadlines based on the various examination policies.

More information regarding the individual subject areas is provided at the link: "Studies/Examination requirements" or, if you have a question about examination requirements, just contact us directly at:

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