TUKAN - The TUK's alumni network

Shape the community - actively experience exchange!

During your studies you laid the foundation for your profession, established contacts to other students and teachers and gained numerous experiences that will remind you of your studies at the TU Kaiserslautern (TUK) later on. 

As a member of the central alumni network of the TUK and/or one of the alumni associations, you can continue to stay in contact with your former fellow students, meet new people and support future generations with your experiences. 

In the community of students, teachers and alumni of the TUK, everyone benefits from the common exchange and enriches their lives with professional and friendly contacts. 

Continue to gain great experience and become part of the TUK Alumni Network TUKAN!

What we would like to offer to you

  • current information on the TUK (newsletters, website)
  • continuing education offerings (workshops, seminars, etc.)
  • sport and leisure program
  • alumni events (alumni meetings, specialist lectures and sports events)
  • additional benefits for members of the TUK's alumni associations

What you can offer to us

  • Provide your expertise and experiences as lecturer, mentor or professional expert to students.
  • Give students insights into your professional life.
  • Support talented students financially through a Deutschlandstipendium, either partially or in full. 
  • Become an ambassador of the TUK and let us know to what extent your studies have influenced you and what you particularly liked.
  • You want to do more or have your own ideas? We look forward to hearing from you.

You will receive our newsletter with information about the TUK and offers for TUK alumni when you register for the alumni network. 

Information on current continuing education offerings (seminars, workshops, lectures) as well as sports and leisure activities and other events can be found under Alumni Offers.

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There are many ways to stay in touch with your university

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