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Alumni Homecoming 2020

We hereby cordially invite you to our Alumni Homecoming 2020 on the TUK Campus!

19th and 20th of June

What is the present status of my faculty? What has become of my fellow students?

Take the opportunity to come together and recall your joint study days. Explore the campus and see how it changed in recent years. Learn more about the current projects of your faculty.

Detailed programme will follow shortly.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on the campus of the TU Kaiserslautern!

TUK Career Center

The new job portal of the TUK offers students interesting internships and job offers, events and information on the topics of application, job and career. (Access is only possible with a valid TUK e-mail address.)

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TUK alumni as employers can share their internship and job offers here free of charge, present their company on their own company page and mark their job offers with the keyword "Alumni": 

You only want to publish job offers? 

You can see directly how many students are watching them and who is applying for them. You can also change or archive your job offers. 

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Tutorial on posting a job offer

You want to create job offers and a company profile? 

This way you can not only publish internship and job offers, but also present your company in detail. 

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Tutorial on creating a company profile

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