ASTA - general student committee

The General Student Committee represents you and all other students vis-à-vis the public and university management.

AStA has many sections responsible for all different kinds of tasks. In the following we will provide some details on some sections:

The presidency section is similar to that of the Federal Government: The Bundestag passes laws, the Federal Government implements them. And how does this work with AStA? The students' parliament takes the decisions, the chairmen of AStA implement them.

The student bodies section heads the student bodies conferences, coordinates the cooperation between the students' parliament, AStA and the individual student bodies and, for example, takes care of the organisation of the freshers weeks, i.e. the welcoming weeks for the first semester.

The finance section manages the funds of the General Student Committee and advises, among other things, the student bodies on tax issues.

AStA also takes care of a lot of useful things that are of interest for you already in the first semester. The members of the committee organise events, for example, or advise you in case of examination problems.

Student council

All students of a department belong to the student body. The student council [Fachschaftsrat - FSR] represents the students of the department. The FSR is elected for one year during a plenary meeting.

They organise a whole series of events, such as the first semester introductory week, help with questions and problems during your studies, are in close contact with our department and represent the interests of the students in many university committees.

You can find a list of the student bodies here.

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