When and where do I get something to eat? Is the canteen still open and what is this "atrium"? Is there also lactose-free milky coffee?

Ok, one thing at a time:

Hot drinks and food can be purchased at the canteen. During lecture period you can choose between different dishes at two food counters and a buffet from 11.15 a.m. - 1.45 p.m. - vegetarian dishes are also served. During lecture period, Monday to Thursday from 5.30 p.m. - 7 p.m. - after a long day at the university - food is also offered in the evening.

In addition to the two serving areas there is also the freeflow area - here you will find the buffet and the barbecue area. Downstairs in the atrium you will find lots of freshly filled rolls and a few warm dishes.

You can find an overview of all opening hours on the Studierendenwerk's website.

Prices and offers can be found on the display monitors of the Studierendenwerk in the entrance hall of the canteen. Prices are also available in the "Mensa-App" and on the Internet.

What's new is the so-called automated recharging function. You can load money onto your card when you pay at the checkout and don't have to queue up at the recharging machines. However, you first have to sign a form at the information desk.

  • belegte Brötchen
    A huge counter...
  • belegte Brötchen
    ...with fresh bread rolls
  • süße Teilchen
  • Mehrwegkaffeebecher
    The new returnable cups
  • Infopoint Mensa
    If you have any questions, go to the Infopoint
  • Kinderspielecke Atrium
    In the atrium there is a play corner for children

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