Living in Kaiserslautern

You are looking for an apartment in Kaiserslautern? Here you will find lots of tips and important links:

  • You can find the student residences of the Studierendenwerk in an overview on the website. There you can also apply directly for a place to live. There is also a list of private landlords who currently offer apartments.
  • Some Facebook groups are also helpful. You can find very good offers for example in the group "Suche/Vermiete Wohnung in Kaiserslautern" ["Search/rent apartment in Kaiserslautern"].

All information regarding re-registration

You'll have to change your address at the Bürgercenter. You can find more information about registering a change in address on the website of the city of Kaiserslautern. In most cases you have to wait a while at the Bürgercenter - the current waiting time can be found in the app of the city of Kaiserslautern. It's best if you make an appointment.


Two more tips from us:

  • At the Bürgercenter it's a good idea to pick up the yellow garbage bags and
  • Remember to give your new address to the university so that our mail reaches you.

Some relocation helpers

For your move, for the furnishing of your flat or for the inauguration party of the new shared flat, the Studierendenwerk offers a wide range of useful aids from inexpensive vans to saws to a beer bank.

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