Guidelines for the use of the logo of the Technical University Kaiserslautern

The use of the logos is subject to certain guidelines. The main criteria for the use of the logos are presented in the following text. For all further information, please use the Corporate Design Guidelines.

Three variants are available for the colour of the logo. One in white for an inverted application, one in black for a monochrome application and one in red-blue for a multi-coloured application.  Other colour combinations are not permitted. The logo as an inseparable unit may not be changed in its form by new arrangement or addition of elements.

The sender of all media is the TU Kaiserslautern. The organizational units are also graphically subordinated to this roof. If already introduced departmental logos exist, these can be kept in a less prominent position after consultation with the marketing department and a discreet revision (TU colours, etc.).

The logo of the TU Kaiserslautern stands - with a few exceptions - on a clearly defined logo field with which it forms a unit.

The basis for determining the dimensions of the logo field is always the width of the logo. Standard logo widths including the logo field for common DIN formats can be found in the design templates in the appendix to the design guide.

If the white logo variant is used on a dark background, the logo field is not required. The logo field is also not required for pure black and white applications without the possibility of working with grey values. In both cases, the rules for the position and the shelters remain the same ("thought" logo field). If it is not possible to create a design that places the logo field in the bleed on one side, the logo field is omitted.

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