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Dear Colleagues,

How often have you thought, when reading a report − perhaps in a local newspaper or in a professional journal − that the “others” manage to get into the news with the most trivial of events, whereas important events of your own area go unnoticed?

One reason for this might be that you are more critical of your own events than the others are of theirs.

To counteract such anomalies in future, I propose that all colleagues report every important event to me so that we will be able to arrange for balanced reporting.

Therefore, I ask you please to report to me all matters of possible interest  from your own area, without any filtering. Such matters should include all tributes, new research or third party projects, renewals of such projects, inventions, publications, etc.

Please fill in the following form. The information provided by you will be passed on to my email address:

yours very truly,

Prof. Dr. Helmut J. Schmidt

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