The scientific issues addressed by AME focus on four key areas, linked by experimental studies, modeling, and simulation

  •   high performance materials
  •  applications for components
  •  hybrid materials and structures
  •  surface effects



In 2018, AME was responsible for many research topics in metals, polymers and composite materials as well as associated processing and production processes.

Ongoing co-ordinated research projects by AME members include the collaborative research centre (CRC) project SFB 926, researching innovative processes for surface structuring and surface modification by machining, particle structuring and lithographic processes.

The international research training group project IRTG 2057 was recently extended to include the integration of physical and simulated models, and planning and control of production-related processes.

Also under the AME network is hybrid materials engineering research on metal fiber-reinforced hybrid composites, and in depth investigations on continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics.

In 2018 AME members succeeded in achieving support for priority research project SPP 2086 on surface conditioning in machining.

A major recent achievement is approval and support to build a Laboratory for Precision and Micro Engineering (LPME), for use by computer science, mechanical and process engineering, physics and other scientific researchers. Completion is due in 2022.

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