Advanced Materials Engineering (AME) currently comprises 16 members (PIs and AIs) from the Departments of Mechanical and Process engineering and Computer Science, as well as representatives from the Institute for Composite Materials (IVW) and the Institute for Surface and Layer Analysis (IFOS) in Kaiserslautern. The comprehensive networking of topics offers numerous points of contact with content and personnel across large areas of the University of Kaiserslautern and its science alliance.

Spokesperson for the network is Professor Dr Tilmann Beck, and deputy spokesperson is Professor Dr Hans-Jörg Bart. Executive support is provided by Frau Ute Schwarztrauber.


AME’s research is divided into fields and methods. Fields are future-oriented innovative material classes and material technologies, in which dynamic scientific and technical developments are currently taking place. Methods are characterized by a highly networked application of experiment, modeling and simulations.

We offer numerous interesting topics for graduate and post graduate research as part of AME. In addition, joint projects with other science and industry partners are possible.

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