Information for university members on the corona virus


FAQs students

FAQs Distance Learning students

  • the public traffic at the TUK is to be reduced as far as possible, which means that students should refrain from visiting the TU buildings if possible
  • all registration deadlines for examinations are postponed by one semester
  • the submission of final papers, homework will be extended by a flat rate of 6 weeks
  • the emergency operation of the library is stopped, physical lending is no longer possible

The federal state government has decided to postpone the start of lectures for the summer semester to April 20th, 2020.
The possibilities of offering courses in digital formats are currently being examined.

All currently running presence lectures will be cancelled.

If you belong or could belong to a risk group (chronic physical illness such as diabetes mellitus, renal insufficiency, tumour illness), please clarify the risk (by telephone) with your attending family doctor and, if necessary, write an e-mail to pruefungsangelegenheiten(at)

All exam formats (written, oral, etc.) will be postponed until further notice. New examination dates will be announced at least 14 days in advance.

Science and Teaching


Presence lectures will no longer be held until 20th of April. The work on digital courses should be continued. This work should also be done from home as far as possible.


Please organize your research work at the university in such a way that no presence on campus or other room of the TUK is necessary.
Important research infrastructures must be guaranteed. Critical research activities will be implemented as far as possible. These include activities that are difficult to reorganize in the long term or whose interruption would lead to the loss of essential, sensitive data and materials. In addition, particularly complex scientific studies should not be affected as far as possible.
Compliance with safety regulations (especially in the areas of radiation protection, genetic engineering, occupational safety) must be ensured.
The heads of the working groups should ensure that only those employees are present on the premises who are absolutely necessary for this minimum operation.

Clarify cases of doubt with the responsible dean. The departments and other research institutions are also requested to plan for even more extensive emergency operation, which could become necessary, for example, in the event of an imposed curfew, and in which only persons with the explicit permission of the President may enter the university buildings.

Regulations for the activities of the TUK with minimum attendance on campus

Here is a short summary for the different groups and areas:

  • the canteen will be closed from Monday 23 March 2020
  • It is not allowed to gather in public places on campus with more than 2 people
  • University buildings will be closed


At the current time, all courses that do not relate to teaching and examination operations will be cancelled until further notice. University internal events, such as courses and examinations, will take place as planned.

Conferences, meetings and other public events with external participants will be cancelled until the resumption of teaching activities.

Returners from risk areas

If you return from vacation or business trip from a risk area within the last 14 days, you are not allowed to enter the campus. This applies to employees*in, students and also guests. 
As an employee, please inform your supervisor and discuss the further procedure.
As a student, please contact your responsible dean's office.

International risk areas:

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