Coronavirus Update

Infrastructure and general conditions for the coming winter semester

Dear students of the TUK,

the beginning of a winter semester is just around the corner, which again presents us all with special challenges. With this e-mail we would like to inform you about current regulations and changes in the hygiene and safety concept of the TU Kaiserslautern to contain the Corona pandemic.


Contact tracing on the TUK campus from October, 26th of 2020

The TU Kaiserslautern is obliged by the current Corona Fighting Ordinance of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate to record the contact data of all students and visitors at TUK events. In order to make the collection of data easy and efficient, the web application "Intake" will be used throughout the university from 26.10.2020.

For this purpose, all users must create an individual QR code, which can be used campus-wide for registration at lectures, seminars or in learning rooms. You will not be granted access to classrooms without first entering your contact details. You can carry this QR code with you either via Smartphone, Smartwatch or printed out.

"Intake" is a tool for contactless data acquisition and is used during the Corona pandemic at the TUK. It replaces the handwritten recording of your personal data at the TUK, which you know from restaurants, for example. The software is available to all TUK employees, lecturers and students.


Before you visit the TUK, please inform yourself about the modalities on the homepage at


Building openings

On the occasion of various courses for first and second semester students, we will open selected buildings to students for the duration of the courses from 26.10.2020 on. Without exception, students must wear a mouth-nose cover in all buildings and use the marked pathways . The stay in the buildings is linked to the course. Longer stays in the common areas, for example to study together, are not permitted for security reasons. 


Learning rooms outside the buildings

There will be a heated tent on the grounds of the university sports center from the week after next at the latest, in which we will provide you with around 100 learning places in compliance with all hygiene and safety standards. The tent will be open during weekdays  between 8.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. and will also have a vending machine for drinks and snacks. A container with sanitary facilities is also available. Please note that you must also register in the TUK learning tent with “Intake”.


Please note: On the TUK campus we only have a limited amount of network bandwidth. Especially, viewing streamed lectures in the TUK wifi can lead to bottlenecks. If possible, we ask you to follow them from a home network.


Risk areas

As a result of the general political discussion, there are now no longer any restrictions for persons from domestic risk areas. For persons from foreign risk areas, there are a number of exceptions that we have to apply (e.g. stays of less than 24 hours in Germany, stays with valid reasons for study).

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that our students who commute to us from risk areas in Germany and abroad use the online services for courses instead of attending classroom sessions. Students arriving from risk areas abroad are strongly advised to enter home quarantine and to take a test to ensure that they are free of infection before entering the campus. These measures are for your personal safety as well as the safety of your fellow students.


Dealing with suspected cases

If the public health department or the treating doctor orders a corona test and quarantine, the person concerned is considered a "suspected case" and must inform the TUK immediately. Students and scholarship holders inform Department 4 (student and international affairs). Employees inform their superiors and Department 3 (Human Resources).

Details of the procedure (necessary documents, e-mail addresses) can be found in Section 2.13 of the Hygiene and Safety Concept.


As always, you will find further information on the corresponding websites at:  


We wish you a good start to the semester


Kind regards

Your university leadership

Prof. Dr. Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter                Prof. Dr. Werner Thiel                   Dr. Stefan Löhrke                            Stefan Lorenz

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