Graduate School Commercial Vehicle Technology

The field of Commercial Vehicle Technology

The commercial vehicle industry is one of the most important innovation drivers in Germany, in Europe and all over the world. Germany is Europe‘s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer. A concentration of manufacturing plants and suppliers is found especially in the southwest of the country. These enterprises as well as qualification agents and researchers established a communication and cooperation platform, the Commercial Vehicle Cluster.

The University of Kaiserslautern is located amidst this strong cluster. It is promoting research, innovation and technology transfer to the sector. The University, its graduate schools, research centers and partnering research institutes are the leading network in Europe with regard to graduate education, doctoral training, research and technology transfer in the field of commercial vehicle technology. This science network is setting the pace for the R&D in the surrounding industries. The commercial vehicle industry sector develops and produces a broad variety of high tech products ranging from trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles to a large scope of specialized machines.

Commercial vehicle technology and its fields of application are generally much more complex, demanding and extensive compared to the automotive sector. Today, for example, a commercial vehicle hosts up to 100 embedded systems, based on 15 million rows of software.

Research and innovation are crucial with regard to

  • Air pollution & environmental protection
  • Comfort & convenience
  • Cost reduction
  • Harmonization & standardization of variations and types
  • Availability & reliability
  • Safety & minimization of risks
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