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Information on the effects of coronavirus on the master program CVT

Due to the current and expected continuing challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, many things have changed in our daily life, as well as in the processes at the university of Kaiserslautern (TUK). Unfortunately, this also affects the master program CVT.

Future students, applicants and current students can find here the latest information of the influence of the international coronavirus crisis on the master program CVT.

The current coronavirus crisis affects all areas of life and therefore also your application for the master program CVT, but especially the taking of German language exams, which are currently not possible in some cases. For this reason, the following changes in application requirements apply to the application for the winter semester 2020/2021 as an exception:

We will no longer require the proof of language proficiency A2 German by the application deadline and will give you the opportunity to submit this proof until re-enrolment for the second semester. Therefore the admission is conditional. This is only possible if you have passed the A1 German language examination at the Goethe-Institute/ÖSD Center or comparable (in cooperation with the former) and can provide a proof of this when applying. You can also obtain the language certificate A2 German at the University of Kaiserslautern. To do so, you are required to attend the ISGS orientation course. Language certificates of private institutes are still not acceptable! If you have already taken courses at the Goethe-Institute/ÖSD Center or comparable (in cooperation with the former) without having taken the exam, we recommend uploading the corresponding proofs in the application platform.

ATTENTION: If you cannot provide the required proof of language proficiency A2 German by the time you re-register for the second semester, you will automatically be exmatriculated and lose the right for your visa. There are no exceptions to this rule! Therefore, we recommend that you provide proof of your language skills as soon as possible, preferably before you begin your studies.

Please also note: The application deadlines can unfortunately NOT be extended.

In case there are further changes, these will be published on our homepage!

For questions concerning the study program and the application for the master program CVT we are still available by email. We try to answer your questions as soon as possible.



General Information

Please check the information of the university on the website ( and read your RHRK mails for further instructions. (Please check also the German version of the website: Not all information is available in English)


Lectures and exams in winter semester 2020/2021

The winter semester 2020/2021 at the TUK will generally be offered in hybrid form. Further information can be found on the TUK homepage:

Please also note the information provided by the individual departments:

Please see also the information on the websites of the chairs and institutes of your courses.


Lectures and exams in summer semester 2020

According to current information from the TUK, lectures are scheduled to restart on 20.04.2020 with classroom lectures. However, considering the still dynamic and confusing situation, we must expect that classroom lectures at the TUK might only be possible at a significantly later date. For this reason, digital courses are being considered almost throughout the university, which, depending on the department, may start already on 14.04. All courses of the CVT program are offered and carried out by the four departments “Mechanical and Process Engineering”, “Computer Sciences”, “Electrical and Computer Engineering” and “Social Sciences”. Therefore, the procedure for taking examinations and teaching in the summer semester 2020 is organized by the individual departments. Therefore, we kindly ask you to inform yourself about the changes due to the coronavirus crisis of the four departments directly on their information websites for your courses and exams:

Please see also the information on the websites of the chairs and institutes of your courses.

Furthermore, the following applies equally to all your courses: To ensure that the individual lecturers have the opportunity to contact you and send you information, it is mandatory that you enter all lectures that you would like to attend in the summer semester 2020 in your KIS Office timetable, even if the classroom dates shown in the KIS will not take place as planned. For some lectures you probably also have to register in KIS. For more information have a look at the websites of the four departments mentioned above.


Submission of Internship Reports

Current information and a detailed procedure can be found in the OLAT course of the Graduate School CVT.


Temporary closure of Internship Office and the Graduate School Office CVT for public access (UPDATE May 4th)

Due to the current developments in the coronavirus crisis, we are intensifying our precautions and the Internship Office and the Graduate School Office CVT are closed for public access until further notice. All employees of the graduate school are in home office and therefore we can only be contacted by email: info.cvt(at) (for general inquiries) or internship.cvt(at) (for inquiries regarding the internship). Alternatively, use the contact forms in OLAT. Nevertheless, we do our best to help you with your requests.

From May 6th onwards we offer weekly digital Office Hours for the Internship Office CVT on Wednesdays, 03:00 to 04:00 pm in Skype for Business at least until the end of 2020. We ask you to use the Office Hours only for important inquiries, which cannot be clarified by email. An appointment must also be booked in advance. Please also send us the topic you want to talk about by email in advance. You can find more information, the possibility to book an appointment and the link to the Skype for Business Meeting in OLAT.

We will inform you if we have further information regarding the duration of the closure of the Graduate School Office CVT and the Internship Office CVT.

Thank you for your understanding!

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