Graduate School Commercial Vehicle Technology

Time Schedule of Application and Program

Please note: We have only winter semester intake for this program.

For international students

After the application deadline has expired, ISGS and the CVT examination board start the evaluation of the applications. The examination board checks if the technical requirements are met or if the applicant should improve his/ her knowledge of a special field prior to the start of the studies. (There might be recommendations on some books you should read or courses you should attend before the start of the studies).
Within some weeks after the application deadline has expired, the applicant gets notice of acceptance or refusal.

If he/she accepts the admission, personal communication on social and administrative aspects with ISGS starts.

For international students, official start of the program will be 1. August with the ISGS-Orientation Course (including German language classes) that includes welcome services, administrative and social support as well as cultural activities and meetings with scientific staff. You will also meet your mentor in this period and discuss with him/ her your personal study plan. The course ends middle of October and leaves you well prepared for the beginning of the studies end of October.

For German students

Please inform here.

Image sources: TUK (Koziel)

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