Graduate School Commercial Vehicle Technology

Detailed Selection Regulations for the CVT-Master program

The CVT-program is designed for a course number of 30 - 40 students per year. Thus, unfortunately, not every candidate can be admitted. In order to make sure that we select the right candidates, that do have the best qualifications to follow the study contents and to pass the exams, a thoroughly elaborated selection practice has been established:

Candidates are assessed on the basis of a relatively complex system involving their final grade, range of subjects covered in former studies and recommendation letters:

1. Subjects covered in former studies

The following subjects in the 3 participating engineering disciplines should be covered in the previous studies (however there is the possibility of making up for some gaps in the first semester of the studies).

Field of Mechanical & Process Engineering

  • Principles of Mechanics
  • Principles of Design
  • Principles in Materials Science
  • Principles of Production Engineering

Field of Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • General and Electrical Measurement
  • Principles of Electrical Power Engineering
  • Principles of Automation Technology
  • Principles of Electronics

Field of Computer Science

  • General Design of Computer Systems
  • Principles of Integrated Systems and Robotics
  • Formal Principles of Programming
  • Principles of Software Engineering and Program Development

2. Grade

All grades are translated into the German grade system (1.0 best grade, 5.0 worst grade, 4.0 is needed to pass). If you apply with a Bachelor degree, final grades from 1.0 to 3.0 are credited, if you apply with a Diploma or Master, final grades from 1.0 to 2.3 are credited.

3. Recommendation Letter, Motivation Letter, Vita

These are assessed as "bonus point" or "no bonus point".

The weight of these aspects is 9:9:3 and will be the basis for the decision on admission.

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