Graduate School Commercial Vehicle Technology

Fees & Finance

As higher education in Germany is state-funded only moderate tuition fees have to be paid for some study programs.

The total costs of the program amount to:

Program Fee

None. Program fees are covered by the state of Rheinland-Palatinate

Assessment Fee (once)


University Fees

216,67€ per semester

Orientation course (Mandatory for international Students) which includes an intensive german language integration course prior to studies (8 weeks)

750 €

Evening classes in German Language during the semester


Living costs and Accommodation

approx. 500 to 550 € per month


A number of industry-grants will be offered by the CVT Graduate School. These grants cover the costs for the program fee. (Living costs & Accomodation have to be borne by the candidate).

Research assistantships will be available on a competitive basis within the CVT Master program.

A guideline to scholarships for Germany as well as an overview on funding organizations can be found here.

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