Graduate School Commercial Vehicle Technology

How to proceed

1. It is an advantage if you can already present a special research interest. Please, check the websites of the University of Kaiserslautern at the respective departments for job offers. You can find the participating institutes and working groups here.

2. Send a short, personal inquiry to the respective professor (Please do not send any mass e-mails, they won’t be answered!)

3. Once the professor encourages you to send an application (and you have checked your possibilities of funding), please submit your application directly to the professor.

4. The professor will check your application and discuss it with his/her CVT-colleagues.

5. After your acceptance as doctoral candidate in the CVT Graduate School, please address immediately the ISGS in order to get support with accommodation, your visa, other administrative issues and welcome services.

If you have further questions please address directly the respective professor or contact the ISGS.

Image source: TUK (Koziel)

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