Activities of the Friends of the TUK

The activities listed below are carried out or supported by the Friends of the TU. If you have questions or wish to suggest further activities, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

  • Organisation and support of internationally significant symposia, series of lectures and cultural events
  • Support of various facilities, events and excursions
  • Formation of a hadship fund for students
  • Awards of prizes for outstanding performance
  • Support of university days
  • Support of the library
  • Assumption of guarantees of collection

Successfully Subsidized Projects

The Friends of TU Kaiserslautern has already successfully implemented numerous projects. Here is a list of reference projects which indicated the breadth of these activities.

  • Assistance with planning and implementing the power saving student dormitory ESA
  • Financial assistance for construction of the international meeting centre, which was dedicated in 1990.


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