Gender Equality, Diversity and Familiy Affairs Office

Main Topics

  • First point of contact in cases of discrimination under the TUK complaints procedure.
  • Recruitment and support of female students, in particular during the initial study phase, e.g. in the department's mentoring project.
  • Promotion of young scientists mainly through continuing education, coaching and mentoring by the department and other continuing education providers of TUK 
  • Increasing the proportion of women in professorships through needs-based participation in the female professors programme, a specially developed junior professors programme and accompanying measures within the framework of appointment procedures, such as the “Women's Professorship Programme".
  • Offers for reconciling family and work/study available from the Family Service Centre.
  • Support for Collaborative Research Centres and Research Training Groups in the planning and implementation of gender equality measures through consultation and joint planning of measures (GenderConsulting).
  • Moderation of the diversity network meeting and the resulting activities such as a brochure on the topic of diversity.

Postfach 3049
67653 Kaiserslautern
Gebäude 57, Erdgeschoss

E-Mail: gleichstellung-vielfalt-familie(at)

Contact persons

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