Informations in time of the Corona-Virus

Accessibility of the staff unit: Due to current Corona guidelines, consulting appointments and meetings can again take place on site at the TUK. However, in order to comply with hygiene regulations, appointments must be made. Therefore, please contact us before you come to us. We are still available for you by e-mail, telephone and, by arrangement, by video conference.In individual cases, events will take place on site, taking into account the applicable hygiene regulations. Many seminars and workshops will also be held online, in order to minimize the risk of infection with Covid-19.


For parents

Here  you can find information about Labor law regulations during the corona crisis at the TUK for parents (status July 2021) and other informations.

Complaints procedure adopted in the Senate

Persons affected by discrimination have the option of contacting one of several contact points or the central complaints office diretly. The complaint procedure formulated in this way came into force on 10.11.2021 after approval in the Senate.

Contact points enable an informal procedure in which individuals can report the incident(s) and receive tailored advice. Further support, for example in the form of mediation, can also be considered as a measure. If the contact point can not find a solution, a complaint procedure can be initiated. However, a complaint can also be addressed directly to the complaints office independently of consultations in a contact office.

The central complaints office for complaints in the context of discrimination and sexualized violence (in accordance with §13 AGG) is the Gender Equality, Diversity and Familiy Affairs Office. In case of complaints, a core team - consisting of contact persons from various departments and interest groups of the TUK - is formed, in which the further procedure is discussed.

Total E-Quality Award for Equal Opportunities + Diversity

In 2021, the TUK applied for the Total E-Quality award for the second time and was positively evaluated. In addition to the predicate for equal opportunities, the add-on diversity was also applied this time. We are pleased that our work at TUK has been honoured by the jury. The jury notes that "in recent years there have been ... positive structural developments regarding the active promotion of women in the context of recruitment and staffing. In addition, there are diverse measures for individual career development."

The promotion of a family-friendly university is also highlighted. The jury decided that "measures to balance family life with studies or work ... are profound" and that innovative approaches are implemented, such as the consideration of fathers in the activities carried out.

Diversity activities were also rated positively: "Many different actors are well networked in working groups," said the jury. "Under the heading of anti-discrimination, all dimensions of diversity are addressed.

However, it is also noted that further tasks should be pursued:
- Developing goals related to all diversity dimensions in the (future) University Development Plan.
- The expansion of thematic executive training as well as the integration of gender equality goals.
- Reducing the workload of women in their in their committee participation, and
- Evaluations related to all diversity dimensions

The TUK is on the right way. However, we will certainly follow further goals in order to promote a diversity-friendly university.

Family Welcome Day in November 21: digital again!

On Nov. 24 from 11 a.m.-12 p.m., president Prof. Arnd Poeztsch-Heffter will welcome new student and staff parents as part of the biannual Family Welcome Day. Parents will have the opportunity to interact with the president and other participants. The event will be followed by a short presentation on TUK's Family Services and a short presentation on daycare mothers/daycare fathers from the City Council's Youth and Sports Department. Parents can look forward to a welcome gift that will be sent out in advance. Registrations are accepted by the Family Service Office: schleese(at) 

The next Family Welcome Day will take place in May 2022. 


Holiday camp in the fall: A great program awaited the Uni-Kids on the TUK campus!

A great program awaited the Uni-Kids on the TUK campus during the fall vacation:

The Department of Electrical Engineering offered Experience Digitization - Controlling and Automating Factory Models, and the Kaiserslautern Music Academy drummed with the kids on the second day.  Pots, old plastic bowls and buckets were used until the ground literally shook. The Sustainability Department of the AStA tinkered and painted with silhouettes as part of a DIY upcycling workshop, while the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering dealt with "Bacteria, Fungi, Algae - Factories of the Future". In experiments, the kids could take their microbial fingerprint and make yogurt with different flavours. On the last day, the kids were able to earn a tablet license from the chemistry department.  

The next children's holiday program will take place during the winter break from Feb. 21-25, and registrations are accepted at the Family Service Office: Leslie Schleese: schleese(at)


Family-friendly infrastructure continues to grow - new change room at TUK

There is a changing table in building 3/018 and another resting mattress for pregnant women, which can be borrowed from the staff office.

In addition to the children's corner, families can now also find another changing room in the main library, which is located in building 32/room 105.4. You can get the key at the information desk of the main library. 

Comprehensive information brochure for parents

The fourth edition of our brochure is now available online:Studying and Working at TUK with children

Mentoring-Marketplace online

As part of the mentoring project of the gender-equality-diversity-and-family-affairs-office, students and employees of TUK have access to a new advisory platform in the form of the mentoring marketplace. They receive answers from mentors on the following topics: studying, research, planning a career, networking, the university system, career/study and private life, and overcoming obstacles.
Especially in times of the Corona crisis, the platform can help to deal with the special situation or to plan further steps in studies and career.
The online platform is funded by the Higher Education Pact (Hochschulpaktmittel) of the programe line "More Participation of Women in Science", so that the offer can be used primarily by women and parents.
To access the online platform, an OpenOlat account is required, which is available to all members of the TUK with the usual user name and password.
Click here to go to the  Mentoring-Marketplace

TUK has signed the Diversity Charter and set a clear signal for diversity and tolerance.

By signing the Diversity Charter, we are signalling our commitment to creating a working environment that is free of biases and that shows respect for all our employees, regardless of their gender and gender identity, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity.

Diversity management is a trans-sectional issue. The idea behind it:A diversity-oriented organisation enables all employees to contribute their potential.  It also promotes the diversity of ideas or products for which the organisation stands.More and more companies and institutions are noticing these advantages: around 3,000 corporations, companies, public institutions, associations, foundations and federations have now signed the Diversity Charter.  Approximately 13 million employees benefit from it.

We are very pleased to be part of the largest diversity network in Germany and to be able to promote and shape diversity together with you. Feel free to contribute your own ideas on how diversity can be lived at TUK!

The Diversity Charter is an initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions under the patronage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. More information on the content of the Diversity Charter and the points to which we have committed ourselves by signing it can be found here.

Facing Discrimination

Anyone who is affected by or observes discrimination can contact the following contact points contact points.

The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (LADS) RLP also offers counselling. Free legal advice is available there; contact: antidiskriminierungsstelle[at]


In a study on experiences of discrimination  at TUK, observed and self-experienced discrimination was described. The results of the survey provide a basis for developing measures in this area.



Means for pregnant students and single student parents

The University offers means for pregnant students and single student parents. Please apply at the Family Service Office.Further information may be found here.




The checklists help parents to get an overview of which steps may need to be taken before and after the birth of a child (in German only).


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