Dual Career Couples

Double careers in partnerships are increasing. Particularly among academics there are more and more couples where both are highly qualified and pursue an academic career without wanting to forego children and a fulfilled family life. At the same time, finding a job in a highly qualified area is often difficult for the partner.

The problem of dual career couples is also proving to be to a large extent a topic of women's advancement; after all, female scientists are, insofar as they are bound by partnership, up to 80% part of a dual career couple, i.e. with a highly qualified partner who is also active in the field of science (only 9% of male scientists are affiliated with partners who are active in this field).

Nowadays, more and more male scientists are also faced with the question of family and career. The challenge for active fathers and partners is the expectation of availability and fundamental myths, most of which are little conscious, according to which scientific work requires the capacity of the whole person and is hardly compatible with a balanced way of life.

Thus, as part of the 2011 re-audit, TUK agreed to expand the dual career measures:

  • Counselling and information
  • Support in the search for individual solutions
  • Cooperation with the departments, some of which develop their own measures
  • Establishing contact with a trainer for speech training (migration background)
  • Information on language courses (migration background)
  • Help with the search for a nursery school
  • Holidays camps for children
  • Support in case of relocation (e.g. advice on finding accommodation, changing schools, etc.)
  • General information regarding daily life, leisure time, associations, etc.
  • Information on continuing education opportunities
  • Information about job placement institutions
  • Support from the university management / the President in the partner's applications

What we can't offer:

  • a job guarantee
  • performing tasks for the Employment Agency

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