Re-entry scholarships for female researchers

The scholarship supports female scientists following family phases (care of children or relatives in need of care).

  • University degree or doctorate with above-average results,
  • Interruption of scientific activity due to care of family members for a maximum of five years or due to at least five years of qualified professional activity (of which at least three years outside the university sector) before acceptance of the scholarship,
  • Re-entry to continue and complete a research project that has already begun at a university in Rhineland-Palatinate with the aim of further qualification for a professorship or the completion of a doctorate.


  • Counselling interview between applicant and head of Gender Equality and Family Affairs Office and preliminary examination of application (arrange for counselling appointment in good time!),
  • Application to the president of TUK through Gender Equality and Family Affairs Office, including: description of the scientific career to date, the planned progress of the project with the scholarship as well as information on the above-mentioned personal scholarship requirements,
  • The deadlines for submitting applications to the Ministry are 1 February and 1 August of each year.
  • Please attach the following documents (in the German language):
    • Curriculum vitae in table form (incl. family status, number and dates of birth of the children and copies of birth certificates) as well as copies of examination certificates and employment certificates, or proof of freelance activity,
    • Two opinions by supervising professors on excellence and the status of research work, which also comment on the supervision and expected completion of the project,
    • Vote of the head of the Gender Equality and Family Affairs Office.
  • The scholarship is granted once for one year. It is expected that the scholarship holder will work on his/her project in a manner comparable to a full-time job. Alternatively, it is possible to apply for a part-time scholarship (50%) with double the duration (in this case the childcare allowances will also be halved). It is possible to apply once for a change from a full-time to a part-time scholarship and vice versa.
  • In justified cases, the scholarship can then be extended once by up to six months. Such applications have to be submitted immediately after the scholarship has been awarded for the first time.
  • At six-monthly intervals, the Ministry (via the head of the Gender Equality and Family Affairs Office) and the supervisors are to be informed of the work progress, including the timetable, by means of an interim report.
  • The scholarship amounts to EUR 1,000 per month if the doctorate is sought and EUR 1,300 per month if the candidate qualifies for a professorship.
  • In addition, childcare allowance of EUR 150 for one child, EUR 200 for two children, EUR 250 for three and EUR 300 per month for four children and more are paid.

Numerous institutions in Germany award scholarships, some of which have special regulations for scholarship holders with children, such as extended funding periods or partial scholarships. In addition to the basic scholarship, a family allowance may be paid.


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