"Shape the future! Plan your career!"

... the free seminar series for female students of TUK

With the seminar series “Shape the future! Plan your career!” we support you in the acquisition of interdisciplinary competences (soft skills), which will help you to progress in your studies and prepare you for working life.

Success in the job is based equally on expertise (50%) and social skills (50%), which more and more employers will expect in addition to your specialist knowledge.


Programme for the summer Semester 2019 and winter semester 2019/20 (German)

!!!Please note: The seminar "Konfliktmanagement" has been switched to 24.6.19!!!

You can now register with Christine Klein (mentoring(at)verw.uni-kl.de), stating your name, department, semester and telephone number (optional).  

Please note that all seminars are held in the German language!



Christine Klein
building 57 , room 264

Tel.: +49 631 205-4363
E-Mail: mentoring@verw.uni-kl.de

Office hours

8:00 am  - 4:00 pm  (Mon - Tue)
 (Wed even weeks)

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